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Originally Posted by DaBigBR View Post
I haven't seen pricing on the X2 yet, but I wouldn't count on it. The X3 was and is a colossal flop. Too big, too many buttons, too damned complicated. What a horrendous idea it was, and fortunately it appears that most agencies saw through it.

I think the X2 will prove to be more of the same. The big draw in moving from the M26 to the X26 was that it fixed virtually every problem that the M26 had...smaller size, better controls, better batteries, better pulse controller...everything about it was better. The kicker was that it used the same cartridge. At $20 each, there are agencies that will not dare switch to a new device with new cartridges that is larger and more complicated. Let's face it, the X26 is as close to "cop proof" as such a complicated device can get.
I agree with what you are saying about the X26 being the sensible choice. I will add however, that having (2) shots in one cartridge vs carrying (2) seperate cartridges, is a huge deal maker. Where they are going wrong is adding all of the extra features (dual lasers, flashy lights ect.). That being said, at the end of the day the chance for me to have twice the pop in one, makes the X2 my pick.

IF, I had a Taser set up my way (my perfect Taser) I would go with:

-Same size as X26/X2 with double shot.
-Single green laser (would work in the daytime better.
-Short picitinny rail on the bottom for a user added weapon light
-No extra flashy crap with the exception of a battery status indicator.

That's it, simple and practical.
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