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I can't wait to see those chronograph results. I really wish someone with a chrono lived near me so I could chrono all these loads I've been testing. I'll eventually get one and test them, but that may be a few months.

Nick, I've been meaning to ask you, how do you like your Lee Turret Press? I am currently reloading with a "borrowed indefinitely" Dillon 550B. I was asking my longtime friend and neighbor about press advice, and he almost just gave it to me. He hadn't used it in years and just said go learn on it and decide if you really want to spend the money to get into reloading. It was cool as hell.

However, I don't like borrowing things from friends, well, not EXPENSIVE things, so I think it's about time for me to get my own. I was looking at the same press you have before he gave me this one. I'm really conflicted on whether to go with Lee or not. So many people say they aren't great, but most don't seem to really give good reasons. They just say stuff that's really subjective. To me, they seem pretty nice, and there are just as many people that love Lee stuff. So, how do you like yours? Do you use the Lever-Prime system, or do you prime off the press? If you do use the L-P, how is it.

I'm afraid that will be the thing I'll miss most about this Dillon, the priming action is so positive and transparent. I just would hate spending that kind of money on a press when I could get a Lee, a chronograph, and TONS of loading materials for the money.

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