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Originally Posted by 21Carrier View Post
I can't wait to see those chronograph results. I really wish someone with a chrono lived near me so I could chrono all these loads I've been testing. I'll eventually get one and test them, but that may be a few months.

Nick, I've been meaning to ask you, how do you like your Lee Turret Press? I am currently reloading with a "borrowed indefinitely" Dillon 550B. I was asking my longtime friend and neighbor about press advice, and he almost just gave it to me. He hadn't used it in years and just said go learn on it and decide if you really want to spend the money to get into reloading. It was cool as hell.

However, I don't like borrowing things from friends, well, not EXPENSIVE things, so I think it's about time for me to get my own. I was looking at the same press you have before he gave me this one. I'm really conflicted on whether to go with Lee or not. So many people say they aren't great, but most don't seem to really give good reasons. They just say stuff that's really subjective. To me, they seem pretty nice, and there are just as many people that love Lee stuff. So, how do you like yours? Do you use the Lever-Prime system, or do you prime off the press? If you do use the L-P, how is it.

I'm afraid that will be the thing I'll miss most about this Dillon, the priming action is so positive and transparent. I just would hate spending that kind of money on a press when I could get a Lee, a chronograph, and TONS of loading materials for the money.
First off, I've got the Lee DELUXE 4-Hole Turret Press. This is the aluminum version of the press. The only issue I've had with mine are related to the Lee Lever Prime pivoting arm. When happens is that, due to somewhat rough finish (which can really be fixed by some light sanding) and/or primer grit getting into the works, the lever prime pivoting arm will "pop out" of its captive bar and will fall on the floor. Not a big deal **EXCEPT** that I have concrete floors in my basement. What happens is that when the lever hits the floor, it can (and has) damaged the otherwise perfectly round, concentric circle shape of the primer cup. Once that cup is deformed in the slightest, the whole priming system falls apart. The primers will no longer fit in the cup, whether you're using the Lee Safety Prime or loading them by hand. This is a problem with their design on the Deluxe model. There is good news, however. First of all, Lee has EXCELLENT customer service. They have sent me a couple arms free of charge due to my issues. They've actually sent me several other free items (going above and beyond what I expected), all the while being very professional and courteous. VERY good people, there. Secondly, the issue that I've described doesn't even EXIST on the newer, slightly more expensive version of the same press.... I'm referring to the Lee CLASSIC Cast 4-Hole Turret Press. The CLASSIC (as opposed to my DELUXE) is a cast steel version of the same press with several new, nice features including a primer arm that is apparently captive on the press, as well as a spent primer tube and other minor tweaks. If I had it to do over, I'd spend the extra 30-40 bucks and get the CLASSIC and have been 100% perfect.

Anyways, all in all, my recommendation would be a resounding YES, I love my Lee turret press. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GET THE LEE.... When you buy the whole "press KIT", there are a few items that I would just go ahead and buy right away to save you the time in the long run, one of them being the Safety Prime and another being the Pro Powder hopper. (Safety Prime wasn't included in the kit I don't think. The Pro hopper will prevent powder leakage due to a rubber "wiper" in the system.. and, as well, will allow you to change out powders much easier than the included hopper... just trust me...) Also, the Auto-Disk Riser should be purchased... trust me. Cheap and effective. If you get the LEE, as you said, you will have money left over for other goodies. That's my recommendation.

** If you are wanting to get your own setup, the Lee Classic 4-Hole Turret Press kit, the riser attachment, Safety Prime and Pro Powder Hopper will suit your needs quite well, I would say. And you will be needing a 10mm 4-die carbide die set. **

Oh, and another thing... unrelated to the press advice... I just found an old box of Winchester Supreme Bonded 180gr SXT .40sw rounds in my old ammo pile. I'm gonna pull a few of them after my daughter wakes up (noisy, lol) and load a few up to maybe shoot at some water jugs over the weekend. BONDED 180gr RANGERS (minus the "talons")... should be cool!
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