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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
been out for three days now.....on vicodin, soma, and ibuprofin.

been out three days now, pain not as bad, feels like something just has to "pop" in place.....but no dice so far. might have to go back to be out of work longer....

this crap sux! once i get back together again, im doing the stretching excercizes, and seeing a chirprator asap.

thank the big cop in the sky it wasnt a disk or something that would end my career.
When your back calms down, I strongly recommend that you see a Physical therapist. The stretches and exercises will help a great deal. You have to keep your core STRONG (especially the lower back muscles)! I also recommend getting any equipment away from the back of your gun-belt. Cuff straps work great to limit the pressure on the back over a handcuff case. Some guys use a back cushion, but our crown vics have good support.

Good luck,


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