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The LC9 has a 3.1" barrel. The numbers are correct. The same box of 124 GD's did 1160 out of my 4.5" G17, yet they only go 1020 out of the LC9. The same box of Federal 9BP did 1150 out of the G17 and 1023 out of the LC9.

Winchester's LE guy, says to use 147's in short barrels because they loose the least velocity. My results back that up. The Same box of Ranger 147 SXT did 1028 out of the G17 and 946 out of the LC9. So, 147's are designed to run at about 980 or so and are within their design window at the 946 of the LC9. But the lighter bullets are designed to operate at 1100-1200 and are not much over 1000. The fastest 115's I tested are only going about 100 faster than the 147's.

My gun is loaded with the Ranger 147's since the FBI tests show they expand and still penetrate at 946. I could load it with +P or +P+ 115's and 124's to get the speed back up, but Ruger says not to use +P+ and that +P is safe but will wear the gun. Blast, flash and recoil are higher with a short barrel and light +P loads.

The LC9 is a light little gun and I see no reason to beat it up.
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