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Originally Posted by Pepper45 View Post
As part of CALEA, we got a new policy manual last year. Originally, there was a policy in there about profanity, and the city manager wanted it to stay. Our chief pulled it, stating that she couldn't "get my Tourette's on" if it was deleted. Excessive profanity at the wrong times is covered under unprofessional conduct. Swearing at bangers is not unprofessional. They don't understand anything if half of the words don't have four letters, and start with "F".
We dumped CALEA 2 years ago... Colossal waste of taxpayer money.

On profanity.... About 10 years ago (different chief, different city leadership) we had an officer get complained on because he told a non-cooperative subject to "sit his ass down.". The chief at the time gave the officer a written reprimand. The officer refused to sign it, and demanded a suspension instead, so he could arbitrate the punishment. Everyone rallied to the officer's side, including the staff psychiatrist and lead DT instructor. It was argued that sometimes harsh language has to be used to get someone's full attention, and let them know you're serious.... He ultimately wasn't punished.

The current chief has said more than once that sometimes you have to cuss, when appropriate. He gets it.

Harsh language is sometimes a part of the job, and you speak to people as they speak to you. Some people can only comprehend profanity. It's not about being rude, it's about people comprehending what you're saying. Dropping F bombs while interviewing a little old lady (who's a victim) isn't appropriate. Strongly ordering a gang banger suspect (who keeps walking toward you in a dark alley) to "get the 'F' back" is appropriate.
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