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I will agree...There is a time and place to get down and dirty and talk with people on their level. Every once in a while you have to tell people in no uncertain terms to sit down and be quiet using other more colorful words. Just last week I told a guy involved in a minor bar fight to "get his S*** and go the ******* home". He knew I was serious and did just that. It was the right place and time to use such language, and I am sure my chief would agree.

I wont armchair quarterback since there is no audio or direct quotes. One can only assume that the choice of words and their plentiful use was probably a little over the top.

However, 20 days w/o pay? I would think a letter in the file and MAYBE at best a day or two would have been much more appropriate. However, I know that Seattle Police Bureau is looking to play the political game any chance they get for some good PR for once. Or at least what they perceive as good PR.
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