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Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous no matter how you cut it. Should the officers have remained professional and not resorted to profanity? Debateable.

However, what this shows is that Diaz was never a working cop, and knows nothing about how gang members are. You can't communicate with the dregs of society using "sirs" and "ma'ams". 1) they won't know what you're saying and 2) they see it as a sign of weakness. If it was over the top, it was over the top, but especially with scumbags like MS-13, I don't see how it COULD be over the top.

On a related note, back in 04 I got my leg broken making an arrest during a huge donnybrook. When I went to see the boss the next day, he handed me 14 complaints about the string of profanity that flew from my mouth immediately following the kick that broke my leg. To prove what a cool guy he was, he let me read each one, and then took the whole stack and put them thru the shredder. Now THAT'S a boss that gets it...
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