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Originally Posted by ColoCG View Post
Good info Wisky. I did some testing on my Kahr PM9 with 3" barrel about a month ago, only it was about 40 degrees cooler. I had a lot of similar results as you with factory and reloads.

124gr. GDHP 5 shts. avg.= 1045

147gr. GDHP 5 shts. avg.= 910

124gr. Berry's HP 5 shts. avg=1016
5.8gr Unique

124gr. Berry's HP 5 shts. avg=1021
5gr. WST

147gr. GDHP 5 shts. avg= 830
3.7gr. WST

147gr. GDHP 5 shts. avg.=806
4.3gr. Unique

I need to get some Power Pistol and try that, how do you like it. Also how is you accuracy with you LC9, looks like a real nice gun. I love my PM9 shoots as good or better than my G26.
Accuracy is good with jacketed loads. It hits to point of aim with a 6 o'clock hold. This is more than I can say for any of the three 5 shot revolvers I have. I can get them all on a paper plate at 25 yards off-hand if I don't pull a shot.

I can't give an opinion on PP yet. It's made for "power", but all the data I can find online for it is meowed down. The "max" load for it with a 147 is 5.0, but Alliant used to have it at 5.7. Well, 5.0 doesn't do anything I probably couldn't do with Unique. See the problem? They make a good powder and then tell you to basically figurre it out for yourself, which is a bit risky. I can get more "power" with Unique and a 20 year old manual. PP isn't in any 20 year old manuals.

The only PP loads I shot were the ones over the chrono. I'll shoot them for accuracy tonight. I did find unburnt flakes on my notebook when I fire the PP loads which means they could be stepped up a bit. That will be a project for my G17, not this little thing. I don't think it's the pressure itelf that beats a gun up, I think it's the recoil. If I can get "more power" with PP and still be in a safe pressure range, I think it will still beat the gun up. The G17 can take the higher recoil forces IMO.
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