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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
Just for giggles, I looked up the energy of a few of the loads above.

115 FMJRN 5.8 Unique (0.71cc) 10 shots
Energy ft. lbs. 281 (source: Hornady Handbook)

124 GDHP 10 shots
275 (source: Hornady Handbook)

147 FMJTC 4.3 Bullseye (0.46) 10 shots
Energy ft. lbs. 264 (source: Hornady Handbook)

Actual penetration may show counter intuitive results, but ..... I would think all of these rounds would perform similarly. Assuming adequate shot placement, the difference would probably prove to be whether the bullet being fired expanded properly.
I don't put any weight in energy. It's a made up concept. A foot-pound is the ability to move a pound of something one foot. I don't think a one pound steel block would be moved 264 feet if it was hit by the 147/BE load.

Bullet construction has more to do with penetration than anything else IMO. A 115JHP that doesn't expand will penetrate more than a 147 that expands rapidly. My thing is, the bullets are made to work at certain velocities. The 115 and 124 bullets are made to work at velocities that I can't obtain in the LC9 unless I use +P or +P+ ammo. The 147 Rangers work at a velocity that I CAN get with the LC9. Also, all weights are so close to each other in terms of velocity, I might as well just use the heavier one since it's going almost as fast as the light ones.
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