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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
My thing is, the bullets are made to work at certain velocities. The 115 and 124 bullets are made to work at velocities that I can't obtain in the LC9 unless I use +P or +P+ ammo. The 147 Rangers work at a velocity that I CAN get with the LC9. Also, all weights are so close to each other in terms of velocity, I might as well just use the heavier one since it's going almost as fast as the light ones.
Thanks. Good logic.
IMHO, I won't use 147 grain XTP's in my G26 and MK9 because they seem to require higher velocities.
But, can I buy reloading components for the 147 grain Rangers?
If not, I'm left wondering what 147 grain JHP I can load myself?
Silvertips and Golden Sabers come to mind.
Any suggestions?

Yes, I can buy a box of the ammo I choose to carry, but I'd like to put a lot of my own reloads through the gun to make sure my gun feeds that bullet perfectly.
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