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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
Thanks. Good logic.
IMHO, I won't use 147 grain XTP's in my G26 and MK9 because they seem to require higher velocities.
But, can I buy reloading components for the 147 grain Rangers?
If not, I'm left wondering what 147 grain JHP I can load myself?
Silvertips and Golden Sabers come to mind.
Any suggestions?

Yes, I can buy a box of the ammo I choose to carry, but I'd like to put a lot of my own reloads through the gun to make sure my gun feeds that bullet perfectly.
You can get the standard Win 147JHP which is either identicle, or nearly identicle, depending on who you ask, to the 147STHP. The GD that Colo mentioned, Golden Sabres, probably Remington standard 147's, and a few I've overlooked. I got the XTP's because I had a BassPro gift card and they had them on the shelf.
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