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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
I hit 1320 max with 9.3gr 800X in the longslide. Average was less than that but I think I can easily hit 1325 average, safely.
Man, that's a SERIOUS load. You're making almost 800ft-lbs of energy with a 200gr XTP. For a deer, or other similarly sized animal, I would love to see how one of my modified 200gr XTPs would work. I've dove/duck hunted before, but never been deer/hog hunting. My friend and I are gonna start this season, and I'm planning on using a 10mm. I should have a G20 by then (and maybe a Colt Delta Elite, too), but my G29 might have to do (it won't be ideal, but should work). I'll likely take my first animal or two with factory XTPs, but you can bet I'll try out a drilled XTP. Its results in the wax tube were just too good not to try out on live game.

I might actually use a lighter bullet like a 155/180gr XTP. I know most people like the heavier ones, but both of the lighter bullets have shown over 12+" of penetration in the wax tube. Even being conservative, that should translate into 18+" in tissue. I think that would be plenty, plus the extra velocity/energy of the lighter bullets should help. Damn, I'm excited! This is like waiting for football season.
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