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Originally Posted by 21Carrier View Post
Man, that's a SERIOUS load. You're making almost 800ft-lbs of energy with a 200gr XTP. For a deer, or other similarly sized animal, I would love to see how one of my modified 200gr XTPs would work. I've dove/duck hunted before, but never been deer/hog hunting. My friend and I are gonna start this season, and I'm planning on using a 10mm. I should have a G20 by then (and maybe a Colt Delta Elite, too), but my G29 might have to do (it won't be ideal, but should work). I'll likely take my first animal or two with factory XTPs, but you can bet I'll try out a drilled XTP. Its results in the wax tube were just too good not to try out on live game.

I might actually use a lighter bullet like a 155/180gr XTP. I know most people like the heavier ones, but both of the lighter bullets have shown over 12+" of penetration in the wax tube. Even being conservative, that should translate into 18+" in tissue. I think that would be plenty, plus the extra velocity/energy of the lighter bullets should help. Damn, I'm excited! This is like waiting for football season.

HA! It IS tough to wait for seasons ... I hear ya. It seems like about April every year I get the "fever" really bad and I'm not even CLOSE to season.

FWIW about the bullet.... just keep this in mind: its not the TISSUE of the animal you're worried about, its the BONES. A nuclear 10mm 155gr, or even a 135gr load would probably be just fine for deer **IF** you could guarantee that no bones would stop it during its traversal of the animal's body... but you can NEVER guarantee that. Even on a smallish deer, you will probably hit a (small) bone or two. You do NOT want that bullet hitting a bone and exploding and not penetrating. You want FULL PENETRATION on any angle shot you might have to take. I'm dead serious. I would honestly stick with 180grain loads and up. Not saying that less won't "work" but you're opening yourself up to a situation where you could be sitting outside in 10 hours in the cold .... for many days.... and FINALLY get ONE SHOT at a deer ... and then take the shot and never find the deer..... only to find out it died a slow death because a bullet didn't do its job.

My recommendation, as I mentioned, is to stick with heavier bullets for deer and hog.
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