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Some Data for Share with everybody

Ladies and Gentlemen, thought I finally got around to purchasing a chronograph, thought I'd share some data... All 10mm shot in my Glock 20 W 22# recoil spring & 6 inch Wolf stainless barrel....

200 Grain Laser Cast lead hardcast with blue dot powder, Winchester WLR primer, average of 3 shots....

9.2 gr. bluedot- 1195 FPS
9.4 gr. bluedot- 1235 fps
9.6 gr. bluedot- 1265 fps FWIW I had been shooting for a long time 10 grains of blue dot (mcnett said to use that as a start with the 200 hardcasts he sold on here). I didn't even bother to chrono the 10 grainier, with these velocities I'm just sticking to 9.4 grains. I kinda think 10 grains might batter the gun, even though I never saw a sign of pressure when shooting it.

180 Grain Speer Gold Dot, 11 grain blue dot, CCI 350 primer- average 1390 FPS- my jaw dropped when I saw this. Holy mackerel, 1390 fps. Wowsers

180 Grain Hornady HAP bullets (same exact bullet as the xtp, but no serrations in hollow tip, made for bulk cheap purchase and target work).
10.4 grain bluedot, CCI 350 primer- average 1300 FPS. Makes excellent full power pinking load

FYI I shot these loads in starline, Remington UMC, and double tap brass. Did not make a noticeable difference in anything pressure or velocity wise

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