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Originally Posted by Burien View Post
I like the KKM because they are a bit more forgiving on chamber tolerances, some of the true "match" chambers are so tight and picky you would have to chamber check each round after loading.

Glock gives so much room in the chamber because the gun Has to work, un-burnt powder or debris could cause a round not to fully chamber and not fire in a match chamber. So glock is great for duty use.

KKM is the next best in my opinion for real world use, match shooting, hunting or self defense when your gun has to fire. The three seconds it takes to clear a failure to fire could have crappy results.
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I was loading blind for lead free bullets, lesson learned by me, hopefully nobody reads this and makes the same error. <o:p></o:p>

I agree, It just depends on the intended purpose.

I polish the tight lone wolf chambers until I like them and still get a fully supported chamber.
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