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Originally Posted by blueiron View Post
Considering that based on your above statement, it sounds like you are lumping me in with the corrupt and I take great offense at your statement, along with its rather overt inference.

You don't know what transpired in my instance, so I'll spell it out for you. I worked the largest indoor MJ grow operation [>20,000 plants] in the U.S. to that date - 1990 in Golden Valley, Arizona; with ancillary grow operations in Lancaster, California and Las Vegas Nevada. I saw a senior S/A stealing expensive vintage bottles of wine from the suspect's house and place them into his personal ruck. I also saw the same bottles at the hotel where we were staying. The senior S/A ignored my demands to return the property and I went to the Group Supervisor. They were both personal friends and neither did anything. I went to the ASAC and he elected to do nothing, siding with the GS. I stormed out of his office and went out to contemplate. I returned to work Monday morning and demanded to see the SAC. After telling him of my observations and my outrage, his statement was: "do what you have to do". Seeing that he and the command of the Phoenix Field Division refused to do anything, I tossed my credentials on the desk and quit.

Congressional Representatives and Senators didn't give excrement about it, nor did DOJ. Repeated letters did nothing. Executive Office didn't either - G.H.W. Bush got a certified letter and not squat was done.

If that makes me corrupt in your eyes, so be it. I suggest an Opthalmologist and college courses in Ethics and Logic before passing judgment on others.

By the way - How much dope did you take off the street?

Here's the background.
It has NOTHING to do with you. It has to do with another poster in the Oath Keeper should be easy to figure out who it is.
*edit to add*
I'm pretty sure Dragoon44 knows who this thread is in reference to.
"By the way - How much dope did you take off the street?" Do insurgents count?
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