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I wish it were that easy... There are black and white cases, which I am sure that everyone here would agree should be dealt with harshly. It's the gray area cases that are much harder. If you've never experienced it for yourself, you'd find it hard to understand. The bigger problem is that many members of management, in their zeal to make rank, never spent any appreciable time in the field to know what constitutes black, white and gray.

I knew an officer who was arrested for muder for hire. To me this was a no brainer. Likewise, I knew an officer who was arrested for murder. Again a no brainer. I've known several who were involved in the Rampart scandal and did prison time for running drugs, planting evidence, and a number of other crimes. But what about Rodney King? Anyone here (besides me) ever see the entire video? Anyone here besides me know what happened to the other officers in the video, aside from the ones who were tried and aquitted in court? Twenty years later, the legacy of Rodney King haunts me. How about you?
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