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Originally Posted by SAR View Post
Twenty years later, the legacy of Rodney King haunts me. How about you?
Often in some ways. Not necessarily directly concerning that case, however think about what we do for a living, or just about my career field. Corrections is automatically seen by some as something that would attract only the dullard who would be more than tempted to simply lay in blows to each inmate he encounters, regardless of the reason. The dullard thus drags his knuckles on the floor, and his fully muscled and looks like Brutus from Popeye cartoons, and always carries that billy in his strong hand ready to use it at the slightest provocation. And, we're equated with incidents like what happened concerning the Rodney King incident, and any other famous incident for that matter having to do with uses of force. After all the PO-PO is the Man and is ready to make you cry and bleed for being a bad boy.

This all from the perspectives I have heard from other people ignorant to what we actually do. I am fairly soft spoken, well mannered most of the time, and people have actually stated that they find it hard to believe that I do what I do for a living. When explained to them that it is not always about loud speech, physical uses of force and the like you sometimes still see a look of disbelief emanate from some of their faces.
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