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That's probably about what you would pay on Gunbroker. IMHO, buying a used revolver on the Internet is a bit risky. I have no idea what it would take to resolve a timing issue, for example, but that would be a deal breaker for me.

I would look for a round butt M65 with a 3 inch barrel. There should be plenty om Gunbroker. Or, with an M64, I would think you would be safe with .38 +P+. Does anyone know for sure on this?


Here is an M64 that I found at a glance on Gunbroker. Looks like the prices are fairly similar, although the M65s are solid gold now.

I would stick with Gunbroker for a used service revolver, and deal with a seller that has a lot of good feedback. I would also stay away from models like this one with a dash after the model. NCDOC had a bunch of M65s with the dash, and they were pure junk. The older Smiths, without the dash, are still good, solid guns.
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