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Originally Posted by Dave T View Post
I've never quite understood the "liability" thing with replacement parts or better trigger pulls. If the shooting is justified it won't matter what connector you have in the Glock. If the shooting is not justified it won't matter what connector you have in the Glock. If you miss your intended target (bad guy) and hit something of value or someone not threatening you, you have both a legal and a liability problem. I would think a better, more controllable trigger pull would be advantageous rather than a liability.

My $.02 worth,
Just my opinion - this strikes me as one of the most sensible arguments that I have heard on this subject.

Because of the way the lawyers like to play the legal system I can still see how they can potentially influence an ignorant jury on the 3rd party unapproved connectors, I feel a little more comfortable with a factory-made Glock "-" connector regardless of which model and which country they decided to market it to.

That sounds more to me like a manufacturer making a decision based on "import points" or country specific political correctness than based on any real safety concerns.

I personally, would rather have equipment that provides better control than worrying about what BS arguments the opposing bottom feeder lawyer will try to come up with.

It's not like he is going to say 'well, all the equipment was stock and original, so everything is all good'.


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