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Originally Posted by bandmasterjf View Post
Conclusion: Passage of concealed carry legislation in Utah does not fit the trends in crime rates experienced by other states that have passed similar laws. Previous research indicates that crimes against individuals decrease while crimes against property involving stealth increase after passage of conceal carry laws. In Utah:
1. Murder rates decreased overall after 1995. However, there was a marked increase in the murder rates committed by males in the 10-24 age group, probably due to gang violence.
2. Assault rates decreased at an accelerated rate.
3. Rape rates do not appear to be affected by the law.
4. Robbery rates decreased at a greater rate.
5. Crimes against property involving stealth (burglary, larceny, auto theft) did not increase as predicted and do not seem to be affected by the law.
6. The unintentional firearm injury rates decreased despite a 17-fold increase in permit holders, which indicates that responsible individuals carry guns.
7. Assaults and weapons possession in elementary schools show that these schools may be developing into a more hostile environment, while secondary schools do not appear to have changed.
8. Permit revocation reasons shows that permit holders do not use their firearms to commit crime.
We've had CCW here in Indiana since the late 70's/early 80's... obviously, crime has swung dramatically both ways here.. It's been low for periods, in the mid 90's, we were having record homicide numbers.

Some interesting articles I came across...

Fourteen were classified as "non criminal for a variety of reasons," bringing the number of murders in 2010 down to 96.

FWIW, this year, the closest I can find data, is May 21... we're at 45... so probably a similar pace to last year.

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