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Originally Posted by ChiefWPD View Post

The S&W 64 is one of the finest revolvers made. If you should get one that shoots right on point of aim you should keep it forever. They are very, very accurate handguns (with the right ammo, of course). My old service revolver (model 10, the blued version of the 64) is my favorite handgun (and I own a bunch...). On occasion I would use it for testing ammo accuracy (via a Ransom Rest) at the Firearms & Tactics Section outdoor range. With the right ammo it would put all it's rounds in less than a 1" circle at 25 yards. Really.

Round butt or square? Can't go wrong with either one. I own, among other revolvers, a 4" model 19 with a round butt and a couple of model 10s with square. Love 'em all.

Go buy one. Trust me on this one.

The S&W Model 64 was my first issued hand gun (1983). At those prices ($300.00),it sounds like a great deal no matter what you get. I just can't remember if we were issued the round butt or square? I went to a S&W Model 67 in 1985 (really loved that revolver also and bought it from the dept. for $100.00).

I just didn't pay much details to guns until like 1987, when we went to auto pistols- S&W 6906, then later 5906.

I just don't think you can go wrong with any of those Model 64 Revolvers.
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