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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
maybe a lawsuit or insurance claim, started slowly lowering their charges to make their ammo a bit safer. Maybe?
I think this may be dead center.

There is a lot of risk associated with selling someone 180gr ammo that will do 1350+ or 200gr at 1275+.

The problem is that even with exceptional testing and control during manufacture, there are many variables that you lose control of when
you release the ammo to the customer.

Many don't understand the dynamics of a pistol/ammo configuration and make changes to it or the pistol changes as you use it, The barrel gets dirty or other.

Then there is the variances in manufacturing or the pistols, tightness of the barrel/chamber, recoil spring tension etc.

It's easy to get on the wrong side of the pressure capacity/limit of a particular pistol.

Even when you have tested multiple pistols and barrels etc. Not just glocks either. Popular barrel makers have slight chamber variations also. Some of it comes from polishing the ramps for feeding issues and other "fixes" but some is manufacturing variances.

It's a tough arena to operate in. You can blow yourself up but you can't blow somebody else up.

Now the rated vs. actual speed issue is a different horse.

But, with commercial ammo, the market is tough.

The big guys like Win, can sell the silvertip or not, It probably doesn't matter much. They make guns primarily. So they drop back 8-10% from the top loads. But state ratings based on a 6in barrel.
Other big guys are even farther away from the max.

Some, including myself make a choice. I choose to be accurate within reason, of the ratings, It seems some others do also. But that means we're taking on more risk if our rated speeds are at max pressures.

If I dropped my actual speeds down but continued to state the original speeds. I may actually have gained in some areas of the market because
I would not have had the g29 kaboom issue, which sucked the air out of
my (sails)sales.

It is always a choice about the approach. But accurate numbers are important to me. Whatever they may be.

I suppose, in the end it's about tolerances.
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