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Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
Good stuff...I wish we could get someone with pressure testing equipment to run some of these 800x loads.

Hogdon? Mudrush?

1350 fps with a 200 gr. WFN is smokin! I second Keg's recommendation for caution.

Maybe I need a 6" 10mm rather then a 4" .44?
I may be able to do some sort of testing for you, But, I can tell you now
you're all over the max as far as rated pressures.

Now, I am not sure of your chamber design but, most well designed firearms have a service factor built into them that will allow you to actually use the max saami. (not glock stock barrels)

Max saami is a max average pressure. Not the absolute max allowed.

With tight/accurate charge control you can live on the edge with out seeing any issues.

But if one aspect of the config changes, you can get into trouble.

200gr wfn at 1350 with 800x, even in a 6in barrel is right on the line. No question, maybe slightly over with the 6in as pressure is still rising with 800x.

Some of the other powders wil be over at 1350.

If you setup ammo for a shorter than 6in barrel, That ammo will probably be to hot for a 6in barrel. The short barrel acts like a pressure relief/limiter.
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