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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
WI -we are talking about the state that jacks you up for actually carrying a firearm OC just because your within a 1000' of a school! Can't even step outside your door with one if your within 1000' of a school! And if you live in Madison there is no place you can carrry that your are not within 1000' of a school! And you actually expect them to get CC law passed! Good luck!

This will be announced tomorrow at a WI legislature's joint committee meeting scheduled for 12 noon, according to Darren LaSorte of the NRA, the NRA lobbyist who's been working to get CC in WI since 2001. It details a "compromise" CC bill that will have bi-partisan support and will easily pass the legislature. The votes just are not there for permitless "constitutionnal" carry at this time, but there's plenty of support for this.

Some details are:

there will be permits required with same background check with WI DOJ as required to buy handgun ($13)

must be WI resident and 21 or older (no non-res permits issued)

there will be training required, but just like in FL. No specific course or time-length required. Prior training is good, hunter safety is good, ex military is good, LE training is good... any "certified" firearm safety training will suffice.

NO effect on open carry, but to carry in 1,000' school zone, permit is required, either OC or CC, per federal law (WI cannot change fed law).

OC in vehicle WITHOUT permit (handguns only... laws remain the same for long guns) but permit is still required in 1,000' school zones.

No fingerprints.

Permit cost about $50 for 5 years (less upon renewal).

Database of permit holders available to LE ONLY, NO public access.

nothing on reciprocity mentioned here, but current shall-issue bill has reciprocity provisions, I assume they'll stay the same, which was WI will accept permit from any State (both res or non-res permits) that requires background check, except that will likely now require a minimum training standard also, just like WI residents must have.

Current bill also states WI residents must have WI permit.

Current bill also does not require photo on permit, but just like MN, permit must be accompanied by another "official" ID with a photo, like a DL, to be valid.

I assume the above items in current shall-issue bill will go unchanged because they were not specifically mentioned in "compromise". We'll know for sure tomorrow.

I started a new thread on this.
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