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Originally Posted by GTownGlockMan View Post
Stopped getting GT reply notifications so honestly forgot about this post for a few days. Great news is that I did receive and accept the job offer from the much smaller Dept. Seem like a bunch of good guys, just some ol' country boys like me. Plus get to work with a buddy I graduated academy with. Now unfortunately after dropping $700 on armor (that gets reimbursed on your 1yr anniversary) I'm too broke to even play with the Taser idea for now. Maybe by the time I get reimbursed for the armor there will be an X26 trade in program that I can benefit from and snatch one up. Already got the Serpa for it anyways.
Hey, send me a PM with your contact info. My uncle is 1 of only 2 certified taser instructors in the state of Oklahoma. He gets special treatment on pricing. He will do all he can to help a LEO get a taser if the Dept doesnt issue them
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