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As most of you know today is Gods weekly Sabbath, it begins at sunset fri. evening and ends at sunset sat. evening. What most of you don't know is that at the end of the weekly Sabbath today begins a High Sabbath of God. Pentecost one of Gods annual Holydays begins at sunset today. It is often referred to as the feast of weeks or ingathering,also day of FirstFruits. Most of you in churchianity only know of the term from the book of acts where Gods people were keeping this Holyday and upon hearing about Christ message repented,were baptized, had hands laid upon them and the Father sent His spirit to dwell in them and teach them.

In prophecy Pentecost pictures the gathering of Jesus in getting His church. It pictures the 1st resurrection of the dead. (Christ Church). If all this seems foriegn to you I suggest you spend this Holyday praying, studing, and repenting to find yourself in Gods true church and take part is His Pentecost now and forever.

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