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Originally Posted by Darkangel1846 View Post
Fanny Pack is the best but only for a small handgun like a KelTec .380, or a bodyguard .38. You can never take your fanny pack off at work, never! You may also wish to read all the Hospital policy book that is supposed to be available, as often it is buried in a policy.
Ankle holsters do not work , neither do belly bands. If you have a small fanny pack people do not suspect you might be packing. Getting caught with a CCW is a fireing offence in almost every case. Don't ever tell anyone that you carry.
Nearly every option of carry has been discussed. I would go with Darkangel1846’s recommendation. Don’t ask anyone; carefully look through their policy book for employees and your state statutes. Two reasons for not asking others: (1) you don’t necessarily want others to know (2) they may tell you what they “think” is right, not necessarily what “is” right.

When looking at the statutes, not only look for prohibited places, also look for restrictions applicable to mental health facilities and find out if the hospital you are working at has any on premises (check definitions carefully).

Good luck! I hope the end result is that you can indeed carry.

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