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Originally Posted by ksg0245 View Post
Doesn't it say "he also made the stars"? ...
Technically, Gen 1:16 states, He made the stars also. However, this is not a parable, this is a statement of fact detailing a certain event at a certain point/day in the creation process.

Originally Posted by ksg0245 View Post
... Could you please provide links... the research indicating [stars] were "created"? ...
I'll start with your last point first, as I never stated such.

I reiterate, all available research I could find indicates that stars cannot form by themselves. I've never said that research indicates they were created. The last part of Gen 1:16 states they were created. Science/Research cannot disprove this assertion.

Originally Posted by ksg0245 View Post
... Could you please provide links to both the research demonstrating the impossibility of stars forming by themselves ...
The scientific evidence is overwhelmingly against the star theory formation, shall we begin with the "big bang" explosion and the impossibility of stars to form at all?
“If the [big bang's] fireball had expanded only .1 percent faster, the present rate of expansion would have been 3 x 103 times as great. Had the initial expansion rate been 0.1 percent less, the Universe would have expanded to only 3 x 10-6 of its present radius before collapsing.

At this maximum radius the density of ordinary matter would have been 10-12 grm/m3, over 1016 times as great as the present mass-density. No stars could have formed in such a Universe, for it would not have existed long enough to form stars.”—*R.H. Dickey, Gravitation
and the Universe (1969), p. 62.
But if you find something to contradict Gen 1:16, please let me know.
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