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Originally Posted by jjboogie View Post
This is partially right and partially wrong.

Jesus disciples went to Jerusalem because Jesus specifically told them to stay there because they would be baptized by the Holy Spirit!

Tongues of fire came down on the apostles and the apostles spoke in tongues and preached the message of Christ to Jews there celebrated Pentecost.

Then 3,000 were baptized that day and were saved.

Pentecost today is no longer a requirement for God's assembly to uphold.

That was for ancient Israel under the Old Covenant.
Everyone was gather together because this was a Holy day of God all the children of Israel always kept Gods feasts.

As far as no longer required I ask for you to show proof of this?

If you read lev. 23 it clearly states Gods Holy days are forever throughout your generations. Has forever stopped?

Also all of Gods Holy Days are still mentioned being kept by the apostles long after Jesus died in the New Test.

Shall I show you?
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