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Originally Posted by achysklic View Post
Are you serious?
Are you? ;-)

THEY ARE GODS FEASTS not the Israelites. (or the jews as you put it) (BTW not all Israelites are jews)
Same difference to me and I know not all Israelites are Jews however all Israelites are Israelites and that was my point.

If they were no longer to keep Gods Holy Days( not the jews) This would have been the perfect time to give a sermon on not no longer keeping them wouldn't it?
Perfect time? Actually just the opposite! What better way to turn people off right off the bat!

This is about Jesus! Besides I did not say they were no longer to keep God's Holy Days but that they were no longer a requirement in order to have a covenant relationship with God! That's the context!

But oh wait, no sermon was EVER given, no command was EVER recorded in the new test was it?
Sure there was!

In fact read on a few chapters in acts and you will see the early church keeping the other Holy Days of God.....Strange huh?
Not strange at all! Much expected from faithful Jews of the time! Plus see my earlier point on Holy Days.

Man cannot change God, for God to change there has to be a command given, also Jesus kept all the Holy Days ( since He gave them) and Paul stated he did everything Jesus did. If Paul didn't I wouldn't believe a word he said!

Plenty of commands given by Paul.

Of course Jesus kept them! Jesus was a faithful obedient Jew under the Old Covenant!
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