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Originally Posted by Chewy Montenegro View Post
Lots of discussion about survival and how to do it, but what is everybody here preparing for? I recently started a survival bag of my own. Its a work is progress, and I just thought it would be a good idea to have something in case a horrible tornado blew through or a sleeper cell of Hajis woke up down the street.
All kinds of things. Run of the mill outages (power, water, phone, etc), vehicle breakdowns, storms/tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, other natural disasters, man made disasters like bombs, hazmat spills, chem/bio releases or attacks, civil unrest, economic distress, war, pandemic, etc.

My current GHB, located in our vehicle, scores a 51 taken straight up. But then in Metro Atlanta in the summer shelter isn't very important, that was a big hit. A logical correction puts it a little over 60
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