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Originally Posted by Sonnytoo View Post
It seems like most of the legal "advisors" do shy away from the (-) connector for carry purposes. My G36 was over 8 pounds when factory-new, so I put in a Ghost 4.5# (drop-in) connector and twenty-five cent polish job. It breaks now at 5# with a nice reset and I like it just fine.

Hey MI Amigo ! Yep my G36 trigger was stiffer than all heck as well when I got it new. Felt like the double action pull on a Sig ! Ha. I stuck the "dreaded" ( - ) Glock factory connector in mine along with (like you) the 25 cent trigger polish job and that baby is smooth as glass and tightened up the groups very nicely. I like that little Glock (-) connector. Use it in several of my Glocks, seems to work great....

Well, Talk with ya soon when ya get home.

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