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Need help - cheap 9mm - friend was raped

My fiance's friend from work has an abusive ex that's been stalking/harrassing her for months. Yesterday he came to her house, and beat her senseless, raped her, and threatened to kill her. The police arrested him and he is currently locked up, but no telling when/how quickly he will get out.

She's been asking us to take her to the range and teach her about guns and how to shoot - she knows absolutely nothing about firearms, but after speaking to her, she has made up her mind to carry and take this seriously. I'm taking her tomorrow first thing - but she needs to get a handgun. Her main problem is money - I told her the best bet would to be to pawn whatever she can, and get a new/used glock26 - I have a feeling she won't be able to get the money required to afford a glock.

My question is: What are a few affordable but RELIABLE pistols, that are smaller or around the size of a g26 - 9mm is preferred but 380 is as low as I think she should go. Her ex is 300+lb's, I'm concerned about a 380's ability to penetrate reliably.

Any suggestions?
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