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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post
Don't get a semi-automatic for someone who doesn't know anything about guns. Get a revolver.
^ This is 100% the RIGHT answer if your not willing to train and learn you have no business with a semi auto..That said it seems from the OP statement she wants to learn and go to the if she is willing to learn and train(failure type drills in case it jams up for some reason) if go with a smaller 9m about a LC9 or a PPS they have a slim profile and decent(smaller) size grips for a bit smaller hands id really look at those 2.

If she thinks she wont be able to clear a malfunction in quick order stick with the Revolver the one id look at is the Ruger LCR very manageable with a great trigger. IMO right now out of the box the best SD Revolver on the market.

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