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Sorry for the double post , and not to turn this thread into a caliber war, but I don't understand why people are recommending her the J frame. I've been shooting for over a decade and absolutely hate shooting that, the gun rubs my hand raw after 20 rounds, not to mention 5 rounds of .38? I personally wouldn't go any lower than 9mm for personal protection. I know many will get on my case for this but take it or leave it. Last thing I'd want to hear is how she failed to stop him, and he turned the gun on her. Sort of what happened in TN a week or two back.

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Several questions.

How did he get into the house? Did he force his way-did she him walking up a path? I'm not asking if she knew she was about to be beat down and raped. Did this assault happen at night? Does she plan on getting a CCW permit? I know these sound like stupid questions but to me it makes sense to ask.

To me a pistol isn't the answer if she doesn't plan on getting a permit. Is this harrassment nonstop at work or only while she is at home.

Then there are questions around penetration, etc.

I say get a shotgun, 20 gauge with low recoil shells and some buckshot. You can pick up reliable, used 20 gauge Remingtons all day for $200 around me.

Do your part and field strip and clean it for her. Add a recoil paid and she is set.

300# or not. At in-home ranges even a partial miss will give him something to think about-a center mass hit and he will have bigger problems than deciding whether to rape or beat her.

The question isn't getting a tool...its the right tool for the job.
In AZ there is no CCW permit required to carry. She should be fine with a nice glock, since that will/SHOULD be on her more often.

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