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P238 HD = CCW rotation

I've got a P238 HD, which I keep in my CCW rotation. One of the SigLites on the rear went out, so I sent the slide back to Sig (they sent me a shipping label, so it was no-cost on my end) and I had a nice day/night CCW option again.

I don't keep an accurate count of how many rounds I've got through it, but I'd say between 300-400 rounds, and it hasn't rejected anything I've fed it. I've shot Federal, Monarch, S&B FMJ through it, and carry Hornady Critical Defense with it.

I've got a total of three of the newer mags, and none of them have caused any feed malfunctions, or any ramp damage as depicted in some of the early adopter videos I've seen. The recoil spring is also a flat one, not the one originally shipping with this model.

It is so nice to just put it in your pocket if you're in a hurry, or to have it IWB. My IWB holster is from Tommy Theis, and it's a horsehide version (thinner material than his leather offering) with the kydex j-clips to keep the holster in-place when drawing.

Recoil is about what I'd expect from this gun, and since it is one of the heavier P238 offerings, it's really not bad at all. I like the trigger MUCH better than any LCP or Kel Tec .380, too. LH-thumb safety is nice if you're accustomed to the 1911, but there is no grip safety.

Here it is next to a G27 Gen 4, and a G23, along with a nice Spyderco UK Penknife so you can get an idea of the size.

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