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Yes, not to be a pest, but you guys touch on another question that's been bugging me. I shoot at an outdoor range, and I'm trying to figure out how I can keep from spending five times longer picking up my brass than I spend shooting.

Is there a really expensive and complicated piece of equipment I can buy that will speed up brass collection?

I move around a lot when I shoot (defensive shooting practice), and seems like I stomp on half of the brass as it's ejected. I hate to get too obssesive about picking up up brass as I shoot, however. Probably everyone's heard of the story about the cop who was so conditioned to picking up brass at the range that he did so automatically during an actual confrontation, thus needlessly exposing himself to fire.

Any advice on spotting and collecting spent brass when outdoors? (Maybe you should start selling your 5-gallon bucket-fulls!)
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