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I have a copy if a letter from the attorney generals office in Maryland, it indicates that it is not against the law to have loaded magazines. This is persuant to the fact that MD law clearly indicates that the firearm is holstered separately from the mags / speed loaders / ammo in general.

The clarification was reqested in writing from a MD state senator, and responded to by the assistant AG.

I don't get the impression they were happy about it.

Also, long guns that do not fall into the category of "regulated" firearms can be kept in the car without going or coming directly from one of the a places listed above.

Of course, I would not expect a normal officer to know the differences. For example: An AR15 is a regulated firearm, but an AR10 is not. AR10s are not on the list. Also, copies of
Colt HBAR rifles are not regulated either. So, if you were to purchase an AR reciever, it's regulated and in the systemm, like a handgun. However, if you build it out as an HBAR clone, it's not a regulated firearm anymore.

Hard to follow.

This is why I keep a copy of that letter in my range bags. Since I like to load up mags prior to going to the range.
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