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Originally Posted by njl View Post
Dude! Do some reading. The only change I'm aware of post-production on the Gen4 guns is a few revisions of the new dual spring recoil assemblies. Some people had function issues with the original dual spring assemblies with "weak US market ammo".
Glock also changed extractor design about the same time. They also started including them with gen3s but it was introduced when the gen4s were introduced. So, that's why some people are changing to Lone Wolf extractors to see if that helps. Thinking is maybe the extractor is contributing to the problem by not extracting!

Glock even told customer they had a batch of "out of spec" extractors. Is it that or a bad design?


"weak U.S. market ammo" is bull. Any reputable gun should be able to fire factory SAAMI spec ammo. Period. Winchester white box is loaded to SAMMI specs. If Glock can't fire that, it's Glock's fault.


And I'm a huge Glock fan. I've only owned Glocks for the past 21 years. Right now I own a Gen3 Glock 19 and a Gen4 Glock 26. I sold a Gen3 Glock 26 to get the Gen4 26 -- which had several FTEs in the first 300 rounds. Since springs didn't change with the Glock 26s, I'm leaning towards the extractor theory myself.

But if Glock has screwed up, don't be mindless fanbois about it. I'm sure they will fix it, but don't blame the messengers and don't blame ammo. My Gen3 Glock has no trouble shooting factory SAMMI spec ammo. If Gen4s can't, it's the Gen4 fault (somewhere in the firing process), not the ammo's fault (which didn't change).

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