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I note in your posting of 10mm VV105 load you were at -1C to -4C. I am loading some 180 Gr XTP bullets today with VV105 and some Ramshot True Blue.

I would be very interested in hearing the crono numbers at 20c vs 0c. I went out a rummaged through some old boxes and found some 350 primers. (Probably from my 44Mag 20 years ago.).

I have a Ohler 43 Cronograph with a printer, So should be easy to just go out and set it up and put some rounds through it, (Hopefully without the dreaded squeeze the little finger causing a barrel dip, and back to the shop, (again)). Yes it has happened to me. Hate it when I do that.

I have a G20 with a 5" LW barrel, and a Kimber 10MM. (Plus a G29 with external ports). I also have the 5" slide for the G20 but don't like it too much.

I usually shoot the DT 135 Gr Nossler @ 1600 fps for SD load, but want to try and load some other hot loads just to practice and not spend $1.00/shot.
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