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I found only this data on my ammo box:

Winchester 180gr JHP
VV N105 12,2gr
CCI 300 LP

1286 fps 2010/Oct 12 @ 12C / 54F (stock barrel)

1303 fps 2011/Jun ? @ 25C / 77F (stock barrel)
1331 fps 2011/Jun ? @ 25C / 77F (custom IGB barrel)

so if I had shot both times with the same barrel (it was stock b. I did so) it would be approx. 20 fps difference, but it's also only 13C /23F difference in temperature.

It's my own ammo from the same batch.
On that day (2010/Oct 12 ) I also compared speed of Winchester JHP and Hornady XTP bullets, both 180gr:

Load: N105 12,4gr w. CCI 300
Winchester JHP: 1291 fps
Hornady XTP: 1282 fps

Load: N105 12,6gr w. CCI 300
Winchester JHP: 1300 fps
Hornady XTP: 1297 fps

each is the average of 3 rounds from my Glock 20, stock barrel.

I hope it helps somehow.
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