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When Federal Ammunition introduces a product like Federal Champion 115-gr FMJ 9mm ammo to the USA market, the lowest powered ammo ever offered, then it is an ammo issue. It won't function in a new Gen4, New XD or New Kimber. Champion would not even function in my Gen2 G19 when I installed a brand new factory recoil spring assembly to test.

With it's latest 9mm offering, Kimber recommends only 124-gr and higher full power service ammo.

Sometimes it is an ammo issue. Sometimes it is a shooter issue. Sometimes it is a recoil spring issue.

Try not to forget all the issues stated here that new shooters have had after buying a Gen2 or Gen3 "C" model 9mm Glock.
SAAMI regulates maximum pressures, not minimum, cheap loadings. Winchester USA (PF of 136.85) works fine in all Glocks. It is far hotter than Federal Champion (PF of 129.38). Glocks, being Military pistols, are designed around the 124-gr FMJ NATO round, PF of 146.94.
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