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Thanks Robert for the quick reply.

I have loaded 30 rounds with CCI 350 primers..

11.5 Gr VV 105

11.7 Gr VV 105

12.0 Gr VV 105

All with XTP 180 Gr bullets.

(I have 50 rounds already primed with CCI 300 primers, and sounds like I should duplicate the above loading in that brass as well, maybe move above 12.0 Gr)

For some reason with these dies, I am having some problem in controlling COL. I started at 1.257 but some are at as much as 1.270? I am thinking about re-positioning the seating/crimp die to the press bottoms out, (The carbide RCBS die set is for 40sw and 10mm. )

Or I do have a Lee crimp die, and just back it out so I get an exact COL and crimp it.

I hope to get to the range soon, and chronograph these loads. I want to find a load I like, then I have 500 rounds of new brass I can load. Already have plenty of VV105 powder, and do want to try some True Blue powder, but I might get some 135 Gr Nossler bullets for that project.

My favorite carry load is DT 135 Gr Nosslers at 1600 FPS!

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