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Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
Actually the honor of "Most Rouge" agency goes to the CIA or NSA (The CIA for the actions of the Special Activities Division and the NSA for satellite signal interception), but thats another argument.

The BATFE has specific protocols and rules that must be followed, mostly protecting the US Constitution, which includes the 2nd amendment as much as you may not wish to recognize that.

Yes the BATFE has made mistakes, yes lives unfortunately were lost which is a national tragedy.

IF you think honestly that the BATFE should be abolished for that we as a nation better abolish most of the US governments agencies.
Lets see here
No more:
CIA - They hired and protected a brutal Nazi war criminal, the "Butcher of Lyon" to kill Che. Among many many other actions of ill repute...and Iran-Contra anyone?

NSA - Warrant-less Wiretapping.

Military - Lets count the mistakes they have made that have cost I mean Ollie North.

Congress - Selling weapons to Afghanistan so they could fight a proxy war against the Soviets.

Presidency - Weapons sales as well I feel like a broken record with Iran-Contra.

FBI - I'm sure people freaked out about AFIS/COTIS when it started

So it looks like we are left with a few agencies and the Judicial Branch
Please show me evidence where any of the agencies you mention maliciously prosecuted or deliberately killed US citizens for something that was beyond their control. Hereís just one ATF has done recently. .. ATF is also responsible for the massacre at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Have any of those other agencies attacked and killed INNOCENT American Citizens, INCLUDING CHILDREN, in their own home? I believe not!

Should the CIA be dismantled? No! The FBI? No! They ARE necessary. Have they made mistakes? Yes? Has the military made mistakes? Yes? But they are/were just that, mistakes. The BATF&E isnít making mistakes they are doing what they do deliberately.

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