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Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
So since the BATFE is simply requiring FFL's to submit names of those engaging in suspicious purchases so the BATFE can catalog them in a inter-agency database your going to lose your rights to buy a firearm legally, this new policy in no way limits that ability.

As for the title of this thread, the BATFE simply enforces the United States Code, and as an executive agency works to enforce actions of the United States Executive Office, the Presidency. The BATFE does not and cannot unilaterally create and or impose new laws.

What you imagine the BATFE is going to do when it "ratchets up" the restrictions cannot be done by the BATFE or the USDOJ alone.

And finally:

The BATFE simply does not want to do that (I can confidently state that) and is not attempting to create a pretense for it. I can personally assure you that 90%+ of BATFE employees, specifically the Special Agents and people in "management" love and support the 2nd amendment and the legal ownership of firearms as much if not more then you personally do.
I truly apologize if at any point I sounded condescending or rambling, if there is anything else you wish to discuss on this topic just respond. There is a lot of misconceptions about the majority of what the BATFE does and stands for.

As always, stay safe

That should be 100%. The 10% that does not respect our rights should be terminated immediately. We don't worry about the .gov agents that are on our side, it's the ones who aren't, and unfortunately, those are who is running the show.

You are guilty by association. You need to clean your own house.
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