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Originally Posted by PAPACHUCK View Post
That should be 100%. The 10% that does not respect our rights should be terminated immediately. We don't worry about the .gov agents that are on our side, it's the ones who aren't, and unfortunately, those are who is running the show.

You are guilty by association. You need to clean your own house.
I'm not even honestly sure that the percentage is 10% (I would venture to say that it is much much lower). I only said 10% because I'm sure there is one example of it and I didn't want that to be brought up if I said 100%.

In my years with the BATFE I only ever met/observed one person who was a little "out there" and he was just a civilian lab assistant.

I agree that they should clean house but that is simply logistically impossible.
Also everyone in charge (minus a few political appointees, who aren't.....the best leaders...) is highly respectful of a citizens right to bear arms as long as it is legally.

so what manner of cushy government job do you have?
I am a former Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, I specialized in explosives and chemical identification. Don't worry, I grew up around firearms I love the 2nd amendment as much as all of you, and I wasn't alone at the BATFE with that outlook.

If you read my signature your should be able to figure out my current agency (Still a Special Agent), not that I don't want to tell you I just want to see if you figure out the hints .

Should the CIA be dismantled? No! The FBI? No! They ARE necessary. Have they made mistakes? Yes? Has the military made mistakes? Yes? But they are/were just that, mistakes. The BATF&E isn’t making mistakes they are doing what they do deliberately.
The BATFE is a necessity too, believe me the BATFE plays a much bigger role in fighting terrorism then anyone believes. BATFE Special Agents are at the absolute forefront of explosives technology, you know the thing terrorists use, not that they want to take away your right to go deer hunting with an RPG-7 (That wasn't meant to be condecending it was a play on a quote from the movie Shoot 'em Up). When the FBI, CIA, DHS are investigating anything to deal with explosives or want to run hypothetical terrorist attack scenarios, they call the BATFE. Without the BATFE you would lose the concentration of explosives experts who will be dispersed among a dozen agencies (assuming they stay federal) and will be tasked with other responsibilities.

Also without the BATFE the Glock or whatever other handgun you are carrying to protect you and your family will be utterly ineffective against what will be out on the streets.

The military willingly and purposefully transfered arms, with the CIA, in both Afghanistan and Iran-Contra, those arms are now being used against the very honorable men and women fighting for the US.

As for Waco, thats not even worth arguing with you over, was it the best operation, no. Did it need to happen, yes, it was a legal raid for valid reasons.
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