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Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
So since the BATFE is simply requiring FFL's to submit names of those engaging in suspicious purchases so the BATFE can catalog them in a inter-agency database your going to lose your rights to buy a firearm legally, this new policy in no way limits that ability.
Whether the new regs "limit that ability" at present or not, . . . that's one issue. I have some concerns about what the government (generally) will do with that information in the future. Frankly, I'm not ok with the idea that a federal agency is going to catalog the ways in which I exercise a constitutional right. I don't list my religion on my tax return, either.

Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
As for the title of this thread, the BATFE simply enforces the United States Code, and as an executive agency works to enforce actions of the United States Executive Office, the Presidency. The BATFE does not and cannot unilaterally create and or impose new laws.
Do they not issue regulations? Do those regulations not have the force of law? I seem to recall that there are criminal sanctions attached to violations of their regulations.

Originally Posted by FearTheBoomAndBust View Post
What you imagine the BATFE is going to do when it "ratchets up" the restrictions cannot be done by the BATFE or the USDOJ alone.
Who said they would do it alone?

Besides, the statement that it "cannot be done" is very, very broad. I would like to think that they cannot:
1) direct FFLs to sell firearms to known or suspected straw purchasers;
2) allow functional firearms, sold as in #1 above, to go across the border;
3) where they should reasonably have expected said firearms to end up in the hands of violent, drug-smuggling cartels; and then
4) stonewall Congress about the whole thing.

I would like to think that you're correct about the BATFE supporting our 2A rights. Recent events simply do not lead me to that conclusion, though.
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