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Do they not issue regulations? Do those regulations not have the force of law? I seem to recall that there are criminal sanctions attached to violations of their regulations.
You mean the Code of Federal Regulations? Specifically Code 27 which deals with the BATFE.

The Code of Federal Regulations is the interpretation of the United States Code and other statutes by Executive Agencies, the US Congress gave the authority to the Executive Agencies to publish the interpretation of the US Code because thats the only way it would get done.

Now those interpretation must be reasonable, as judged by the Judicial System upon review. Now if the Executive, Judicial, and Congressional Branches all agree then it cannot be said that only one agency created a new "law".

What I think caused the miscommunication is when I stated that the BATFE couldn't create new rules on its own, which is true. The BATFE cannot and does not create new laws, it does however issue INTERPRETATIONS of the United States Code and other Statues as directed and necessary by the US Congress. Those are subject to the review of the Judiciary. That means that all three branches are involved.
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